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Our Story

The story of Dianer Diamonds Ltd. began back in 1991 when our founder, Avner Cahana finished 10 years of working in a big company which specialized in producing very large diamonds and emeralds.
He decided that it was the right time to establish a new company of his own.
After working with colored emeralds, sapphire, tanzanite and other gemstones for more than a decade, Avner decided to stick with what he knew and loved and stay in the world of colors.
Using his impressive technological background, Avner decided to develop a clean system designed to change the colors of diamonds.
By using clean Electrical Power, he established a state of the art lab and developed a very unique process used to treat natural diamonds more efficiently and environmentally friendly.
This process enhances diamonds of all sizes by infusing them with spectacular colors.
Our vision is to enable our customers to experience the joy of the wonderful world of colored diamonds and make them available at affordable prices using our state of the art enhancement technologies.
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