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Dianer Ltd Technical Division


Established in 1991 the Dianer company specializes in the manufacture and trade of both white and color enhanced diamonds in all shapes, sizes and qualities. It is located in the diamond center in Ramat-Gan and employs 12 people which includes the trading division, the gemological division and the laboratory. Dianer has a wide range of customers in the U.S., Europe and the Far East. It participates in international jewelry fairs such as Vicenza, Bazel, Las-Vegas and Hong Kong.

The Technical Division of Dianer Ltd includes a team of 6 trained employees and is headed by Professor Haim Cohen (from Ariel U. Center of Samaria and Ben-Gurion U. of the Negev which has a long term involvement of more than 30 years in the diamond industry). The team includes also 2 diamond experts, 2 chemical engineers and a software expert. Most of the work is carried out in Dianer Diamond lab, but there is some collaboration with the Research Division of the GIA in Carlsbad, CA USA. Intensive scientific efforts since 1994 were carried out in order to develop characterization methods in rough and polished diamonds as well as achieving a variety of procedures for color enhancement and also procedures for clarity improvement in diamonds have been achieved. As a result, a division that specializes in the characterization and also manufacturing and supply of color enhanced diamond was established. The colors available are: Blue, Pink, Canary, Gold, Green, Cognac, Orange and Black, figure 16.



 Figure 16: Typical colored enhanced stones produced by Dianer Ltd.

 Processes for fracture fillings as well as graphite elimination are routinely carried out in the laboratory, figure 17. The graphite cleaned diamonds requires a combined process of drilling to the graphite inclusion, cleaning the graphite and and filling the drilled holes.


Figure 17: Typical fracture filled stones and graphite cleaned produced by Dianer Ltd.


Due to the high level of applied research invested and the vast knowhow acquired, any intensity of color can be achieved, according to customers’ needs. Also the analytical methods using the sophisticated instruments available are employed in order to choose the right rough or polished stone which fits the procedure needed for  the color enhancement/upgrade process to be utilized. The company has the means of supplying special orders of pairs in all shapes and sizes meeting costumers' needs in terms of quality and delivery dates. 100% customer satisfaction means the full success of the company. This is achieved via the knowhow and sophisticated characterization and enhancement methods developed in the technical division. 

Within the Technical Division of the company a special section is dedicated for the appropriate characterization and purchase of the exact type of feed stones that will fit for any desired color. Different enhancement techniques are applied according to the desired color. Electron accelerators for irradiations in conjunction with or variety of thermal and chemical treatments are employed. The treatments produce uniform non fading colors, highly stable without any aging or degradation in color. Only diamonds of impeccable quality are suitable for producing fancy colored diamonds with good transparency. To ensure perfect quality, diamonds undergo spectroscopic sorting and electric conductivity and fluorescent characterization before being accepted for any treatment. Simulated fading and UV tests show that there are no changes in the diamonds, while color and other properties are identical to those of natural diamonds. The company has developed also special equipment in order to obtain the desired color induction in diamonds while the irradiations (if needed) are carried out under the supervision of the IAEC (Israel Atomic Energy Commission) which is also in charge of the radiation detection and qualification when needed. The enhanced fancy stones are checked and certified that no radiation is resulting from the diamonds.

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