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Green Technology Used by Dianer Diamonds Ltd.

Color enhancement treatments on diamonds first started at the beginning of the 19th century when chemists and physicists discovered the effects that radiation had on diamond color.

Until recently, the main problem with using radiation was the fact that the processes left the diamonds being treated, radioactive.

Today diamonds can be treated in many different ways. The three most popular and widely accepted methods of diamond enhancement are:  by proton, by neutron and by gamma ray. These methods are safe but can be harmful for the environment.

But there is another way to enhance diamonds:
Dianer Diamonds Ltd uses a safe, clean and well controlled process to change the color of Diamonds. This process uses an electron flow which is produced in a particle accelerator.

These high-energy particles physically alter the diamond's crystal lattice, knocking carbon atoms out of place and producing color centers.

In other words the type of the energy used is safe and clean.

There is no risk of any kind during the process itself or afterwards - not to the environment, nor to the diamond itself. 
The color of our treated diamonds remains forever and is backed by a life-time guarantee.

There is a wrong perception about color enhanced diamonds because of the previously used dangerous processes to change the color of diamonds. Today, we proudly believe that we are changing this perception by using a clean, harmless, safe and professional process to treat our diamonds.

Dianer Diamonds Ltd can guaranty our clients that there is no risk of any kind when treating color enhanced diamonds. The company can supply by request a certificate of safety from SOREQ- the Nuclear Research Center-located in Israel. 

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