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What are HPHT Diamonds?


The diamond is the exact same before and after the HPHT process – nothing is added nor removed from the original stone.

The color of the diamond is permanent and nothing like heat, polishing or re-cutting will affect the diamond.

We can summarize the HPHT process in the following way:
A diamond starts its "journey" from the earth's core as colorless. Then through added pressure and heat applied to the surface, the diamond becomes yellow or brown. When we put the diamond back to heat and pressure-the diamond can return back to the original color.

This process allows the customers to buy very high quality diamonds for lower prices than unprocessed diamonds. The difference in price can be up to 50% less.

The diamonds which are suitable for the HPHT process come from type IIa rough which are very rare – almost 2% from the total number of diamonds globally. This is because the diamonds have to have a very high purity to survive the process. Because of the rarity, there is a very limited supply of HPHT diamonds available today on the market.

The HPHT process requires large investments in equipment and very vast knowledge of how to choose the correct diamonds and how to work with them in order to get the best results.

Obtaining proper certification is a must for all HPHT diamonds processed by a respectable lab. It is a very important information for the customer to have in order to properly distinguish between processed and unprocessed diamond.

Dianer Diamonds Ltd offers customers a GIA certificate for each HPHT diamond that we sell. For these diamonds we don't offer any other certificate besides GIA.

Over the past few years more and more diamonds with Nitrogen (type IA) were processed using the HPHT method - brown diamonds are being transformed to yellow, green-yellow  and green colors.  This growing demand for these diamonds emphasizes the need to create a reliable and honorable certificate for each diamond processed by HPHT.

We believe that HPHT Diamonds need to be differentiated from natural diamonds without processing and also from CVD and synthetic diamonds – That's why we believe Dianer Diamonds Ltd.'s HPHT natural diamonds are a valuable alternative to unprocessed natural diamonds.

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