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Carob Seeds 


Diamonds are measured in carats, and though almost everyone knows this, they do not necessarily know the implications of the numbers. Long ago, due to its similarity in size to a carob seed, diamonds were weighed on precision scales alongside seeds of carobs to determine their weight. Fast-forward to the 21st century and we are still using this system to measure diamond weight. A person looking for a large diamond looks to see how many carats or points it is. However, one can never forget that carats are used to measure the weight and the weight of a diamond is not always dispersed in a way that is easily detectable. Therefore, there is a need to differentiate between a diamond’s carat weight and its size. 


Size and Carat Weight


To say that the size of a diamond and its carat weight are unrelated would be a lie. Saying that the carat weight of a diamond determines how large it appears would also be inaccurate. When a person looks at a diamond, the table is what is generally looked at. A stone can have a wide table but be quite shallow. This will result in a large-looking diamond that does not weigh that much. It works the other way around as well. Similarly, some shapes look larger or smaller than other shapes, even if they are identical in terms of carat weight. An oval or marquise diamond, for example, may look bigger than a round stone of the same carat weight, but will not actually weigh any more.


The Significance of Carat Weight


Carat weight is more than just a measurement unit. It is also a tool used to determine a diamond’s value. Therefore many stones are sold per carat (P/C.) Each carat is divided into 100 points. A diamond that weighs half a carat would also be referred to as a 0.50-carat diamond. The closer a diamond gets to the next carat, the higher the price. For this reason it is advisable to look for a stone that is slightly beneath the desired weight. For instance, a 0.92-carat diamond will cost far less than a full carat diamond.


Although the color, cut, and clarity of a diamond are all important, many people are insistent upon getting a diamond with the largest carat weight. While big diamonds are beautiful, the other factors are important as well.

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