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In the world of commercial gemstones, diamonds can be split into two categories: white stones (colorless) and fancy color stones. The value of each stone depends greatly on the weight of the diamond. A diamond’s weight is defined in carats (1 carat equals 0.200 grams) or points (1 carat equals 100 points). A color diamond’s color intensity also plays a crucial role in terms of its value. 


On the other hand, a white diamond’s value lies in its clarity and fire. Imperfections such as fractures and inclusions can drastically bring down the value of a diamond. A stone’s fire depends on the polishing quality of the diamond, its shape, and its size. The shape can be brilliant (round), oval, emerald, heart, princess, pear, marquise, asscher, cushion and so forth.


Diamond shapes


Though there are many diamond shapes; the most popular shape by far is the round diamond, since it gives off the highest level of brilliance, hence the name “round brilliant.” For this reason, round diamonds are often the preferred shape. Having said that, the shape of a rough stone can sometimes determine the final polished shape it will receive. The idea is to preserve as much of the rough stone as possible, though in some cases, particularly with round diamonds, 50% of the rough stone’s weight is lost because of the cutting process.


Fancy stones

Fancy stones are diamonds that contain a color ranging from blue to green to yellow to orange to purple, red, and black. The GIA (Gemological Institute of America) has created a table of color definition (figure 9):


 Definition of color (GIA) in fancy diamonds

 Definition of color (GIA) in fancy diamonds

Usually natural fancy diamonds (figure 10) are much more expensive than white stones due to their rarity. Therefore, a high quality diamond can fetch more than $100,000 per carat. Color diamonds, unlike colorless diamonds, are not judged based on several factors, but rather, mainly on one factor alone: the color. From the particular color of the diamond to its secondary hues to the level of color intensity, a diamond’s color plays a huge role in fancy color diamonds. The colors of diamonds generally depend on their origin. For instance, diamonds found in the Argyle mine in Australia are usually pink.


 Natural fancy diamonds

 Natural fancy diamonds

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