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Does the color of fancy enhanced diamonds last forever?

The process is done using an accelerator and the color will last forever. In fact, we are so confident of this, that Dianer diamonds Ltd offers a life time guarantee.


Is it possible to order any color diamond in any size?

Dianer Diamonds Ltd. can supply any size starting from 0.01 ct up to large single diamonds.
Please Note*** for the following colors: pink, orange, purple and red - the supply time will be longer than usual.


Do you have more stones available beside those on the website?

We do have more stones available for purchase - so please contact us if there is any particular stone that you don't see on the website.

It is our duty at Dianer Diamonds Ltd to do our best to supply our customers with the color stones that they want as fast as possible.


Can I recut or heat fancy enhanced diamonds?

You can recut or boil fancy enhanced diamonds at any time    ** (asides from green ones)**.


For more details, please feel free to contact us

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