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Much effort has been put into the diamond industry in order to improve the appearance of white and enhanced colors in fancy stones. The treatments take care of all aspects of imperfections in the diamonds: These treatments are aimed at improving the clarity or induction of the desired color changes via thermal (high temperature), chemical, or irradiation procedures. Other cosmetic procedures include mechanical treatments such as crack fillings etc.
The treatments, which have been introduced to the color enhancement industry, significantly improve the clarity of diamonds as well as administer desired fancy colors in natural diamonds. These colors include blue, green, yellow, orange, purple, red, and black. . This result is achieved by using high temperatures (2-3,000C) and high pressure conditions (40-80,000At). The process is known in the diamond industry as the HPHT process and / or irradiation and thermal treatment process. These are the procedures utilized to induce and improve the color of fancy diamonds. Fracture fillings consist of filling materials that have the same texture and consistency as a diamond. The filling material is inserted as a liquid into the fracture using high temperatures as well as pressure, where it is disperses before finally settling and becoming one with the diamond.


  • Fracture Fillings
  • HPHT / Clarity improvement
  • Graphite (Black Inclusions) Removal
  • Color Enhancement

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