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Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions apply to the entire Dianer Diamond Inc. website. Please read the following terms and conditions carefully.

Dianer Diamonds Inc. provides you with its services based on these conditions.
These conditions apply to the use of the Dianer Diamonds Inc. website as well as to all purchases from the site. These terms serve as an agreement between you and Dianer Diamonds. Dianer Diamonds reserves the right to change these terms, conditions, and its policies, at any given time and without any prior notice, as it sees fit.

Every change and correction will become activated as soon as it is appears on the site. By continuing to use the site after the changes have been made, you are providing your consent to these changes. Therefore, it is recommended to go over the terms and conditions from time to time in order to be well informed in regards to the rules and regulations that the Dianer Diamonds Inc. website entails.
If you do not agree to these terms, you must cease to use the site immediately.


  • Dianer Diamonds Inc. does the utmost to provide images on its website that are as realistic as possible. However, there are some technical difficulties such as graphics, resolution, and screen colors that result in images that differ from reality.


  •  Dianer Diamonds Inc. is not responsible for any typos, misspellings, and grammatical errors that may appear on the site, whether there is a mistake in a product description, its price, or any other error. The prices listed on the site are the real prices, however, if a mistake is made, the true price is the one that a Dianer Diamonds representative gives (in person, via phone, or via fax.)


  •  Dianer Diamonds Inc. reserves the right to change the prices on the products listed on the site without any prior notice. Such changes can occur as a result of the sudden rise in raw material prices and so forth. The prices and availability of all diamonds are subject to change without any prior notice. Dianer Diamonds reserves the right to change any of the terms and regulations as well as policies and guidelines at any time as it sees fit.  Every change and correction is considered valid as soon as it appears on the Dianer Diamonds website.


  •  All credits, including the site name, site design, content, logos, banners, menus, images, etc. belong to Dianer Diamonds Inc. and are protected by law. Site users are forbidden from distributing, copying, publicly displaying or sharing material with a third party without permission in writing from the company.


  •  Dianer Diamonds will supply the products on its website as long as it is in stock. Dianer Diamonds Inc. reserves the right to remove any product from the website at any time and without any prior notice.


  •  There may be links to other sites on the Dianer Diamonds website. Dianer Diamonds Inc. is not accountable for the terms of privacy on such sites. We recommend carefully reading the privacy terms for any site that requires personal information.


  •  Dianer Diamonds Inc. welcomes all comments, recommendations, and feedback on the Dianer Diamonds Inc. website. If you are interested in filling out a form you are welcome to send an email to dianer@zahav.net.il.


  •  Dianer Diamonds Inc. sends all of its new clients a welcome email in order to confirm the chosen user name and password. Once in a while, some members will receive emails with information regarding various services, products, and special promotions. If you do not wish to receive these emails you can choose to unsubscribe from these emails while filling out the order form for an item Alternatively, if you are already receiving the emails, you can choose to unsubscribe directly from the email.


  • Every once in awhile, Dianer Diamonds Inc. offers its customers special offers, vouchers, and unprecedented discounts on certain items. All sales are time restricted. Gift vouchers can be used for 90 days from the day it was issued. There are no double promotions with sales, vouchers, or discounts. Dianer Diamonds Inc. reserves the right to refuse the sale of any product. If a mistake is made, even after payment has been paid in full, Dianer Diamonds Inc. reserves the right to cancel the entire deal. Dianer Diamonds reserves the right to end or cancel the sale without any prior notice.


  • The Dianer Diamonds Inc. website contains material, including images, that is for personal use only.  Visitors and customers are welcome to use the material for personal use but never for commercial use. The site does not contain any material such as images, media, content, etc. that can be used for any commercial use without prior written consent from Dianer Diamonds Inc. For specific requests please contact us at: dianer@zahav.net.il.


  •  Visiting the Dianer Diamonds Inc. website requires you to abstain from photocopying, distributing, publishing, and creating modified content from the website. Visitors and customers are permitted to download, copy, and print any of the material provided on the Dianer Diamonds Inc. website, as long as it is intended for personal use and never commercial.


  •  Furthermore, all Dianer Diamonds Inc. visitors must agree not to harm Dianer Diamonds Inc. and its site DIANERDIAMONDS.COM in any way.
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